"Unmatched Value" - COVER STORY, Sport Boat Magazine, Spring 2013

Excerpted from the Spring 2013 issue of Sport Boat Magazine:

“In a world where the words affordable and boating don’t normally mix, the latest jet-propelled sportboats bring the two together in versatile packages the whole family can enjoy. “

“For example, Yamaha’s state-of-the-art internal propulsion system is at the heart of each of its sportboats and WaveRunners, providing a reliable and affordable power package. As the engines in the watercraft have increased in size, power, and electronic control over the years, the benefits have been passed on to the company’s versatile boats.”

“For anyone who hasn’t been in one, the quick-planning speed and worry-free maneuverability in shallow spots (thanks to minimal draft and no exposed lower drive unit) are definite jet boat advantages.  Another obvious advantage is not having to worry about the hazards posed by an exposed propeller. “

“The social aspect regarding the stern of the boat and performance enhancing elements throughout has been a focus of the Yamaha product development team in recent years. The progress, as showcased in the well-rounded lineup of single and twin-engine models ranging from 19 to 24 feet, has been significant.”

“New-for-2013 boats from the steadfast Kennesaw, Georgia, company include the AR192 and SX192 models, which also happen to be the first powered by Yamaha’s supercharged 1.8L Super High Output (SHO) engine. But the entire lineup has received improvements, one of which is the extremely useful thrust directional enhancer that helps with throttle control and maneuverability. Basically the system directs the water flow at an optimum angle, creating more responsive handling as the boat is turned right and left at slow speeds.”

“To make the driving experience as enjoyable and engaging as possible, each model features no-wake mode, cruise control and fuel management information at the helm. As for creature comforts, Yamaha loads up the seating and storage more than enough for boats of this size.”

“Some new interior features include a redesigned helm, snap-in marine-grade carpet with a unique sectioned appearance to it, a high-end Clarion stereo unit, and premium Polk speakers.”

“When it comes to marketing its boats, Yamaha divides them into three categories –luxury, performance and versatility– with a price range of $26,000 to $54,000.”

“The luxury grouping features the fully appointed 24-footers, the SX240 High Output, 242 Limited, and the 242 Limited S, all of which offer open and inviting seating configurations. Twin 1.8L High Output (HO) engines power the 24-footers that are priced between $47,499 and $53,499.”

“Within the versatility classification are Yamaha’s 19- and 21-footmodels, ranging in price from $25,999 to $38,499. This segment features the newest offerings from Yamaha– the SHO-powered SX192 and AR192–as well as the sporty HO-powered AR190 and SX190 models (AR designates Yamaha’s watersports edition with a fold-down aluminum tower and rear-facing seating options for the copilot).”

“Also falling under versatility are the agile AR210 and SX210, the larger models featuring seating for an additional passenger and a pair of Yamaha 1,052cc four-stroke engines. Thoughtfully designed and packed with amenities, the 21-footers are sure to deliver a fun and affordable day on the water.”

“In the performance segment the high-energy AR240 High Output ($49,499) joins the 212X and 212SS ($42,499 and $46,499). All the boats in this group are powered by twin 1.8L HO engines and offer eye-popping acceleration. The 212 Series comes with Yamaha’s front-facing “rumble” seats, and the 212X–the watersports edition–is the only Yamaha boat to feature an internal ballast system that adds up to 750 pounds at the stern and 6 inches of wake. “

“”Whether you’re seeking luxury, performance, versatility, or all the above, a closer look at the latest in jet-powered sportboats from Yamaha is worth your time. The full-featured boats appear to have it all– performance, style, fuel efficiency, ease of use and, best of all, a reasonable price tag.”