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Boating Mag Highlights Some of Yamaha’s 242x E-Series’ New Features

Boating Mag Highlights Some of Yamaha’s 242x E-Series’ New Features

Editor Randy Vance walks through the key features, performance and innovations of the new 242X from Yamaha including SurfPointe wakesurfing technology and the new 12" Connext touchscreen control.  Below are a few quotes from the story.

[Excerpted from Boating Mag, December 2017]

“This new 242 is equipped with SurfPointe ¬technology that Yamaha engineered and pioneered with the help of nationally known surfers. By experimenting with jet-pump nozzle angles, they found aiming the nozzles inward toward each other at the optimum angle boosts the wake by compressing the water as it comes around the hull. That creates a ¬deeper hole in the water with a larger ramp — and it’s just as good on both sides of the wake. Add Yamaha’s patented articulating keel and you have crisp helm response not available in any other jet-boat brand.”

“Yamaha takes this new riding technology to the water with ¬state-of-the-art glass-helm controls too. Its 12.3-inch ¬Connext dash replaces all the analog gauges with a sunlight-bright touchscreen system that accesses lake mapping, engine controls, courtesy and navigation lights, and electrical systems such as bilge pumps.”

“In our test team’s estimation, one of the greatest Yamaha boat features is the complete control Yamaha takes of power, the hull and accessories in construction, which allows the company to offer an industry-leading warranty and just one contact point for service — your Yamaha dealer.”

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