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Open-ocean crossing from Miami to the Bimini Bahamas with the Yamaha 212X

Harrington and pro wakeboarder Captain Danny Hampson along with editors Emily Dale and Derek Cook, shows the Yamaha 212X crossing from Miami to the Bimini Bahamas and back with some snorkeling, fishing, diving and exploration along the way. Here are a couple of quotes taken from the story:

"Wakeboarding, surfing, fishing, island hopping...With the Yamaha 212X, we did it all and more." 

"We each have our own idea of paradise. Upon setting sights on the perfection that is Bimini, we couldn’t argue that this mirrored our dream. Fifty miles — the distance from Miami to Bimini — is all it took. That journey — those mere 50 miles — catapulted us into a sort of utopia. Paradise is closer to home than you think. Sometimes all it takes is stepping out of your day-to-day and searching for it. "

"As you can well imagine, the conditions weren’t the best. Choppy salt water mixed with shallow depths meant having wakes that many riders would turn their noses up to. For this, our crew couldn’t have been better. Danny, Collin and Derek are all the type that will ride anything, and they’ll ride it well. This was my second time on a Yamaha Boating trip with Danny and Collin, and being around these two and their dynamic personalities is incredibly amusing."

"The depth couldn’t have been more than 3 feet in some parts, but with the 212X, anything was possible. Perhaps that statement sounds forced, but truly, having this boat on the trip was the difference between can and can’t. Without it, these riding shots would not exist. The fact that the 212X doesn’t have a prop was a huge advantage. That, coupled with the built-in depth finder, made it easy to navigate the shallow shores of the surrounding cays and create unique, atypical lines."

Watch the series here.