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WakeBoarding Magazine Features Yamaha's New WakeBooster

WakeBoarding Magazine Features Yamaha's New WakeBooster

WakeBoarding Mag walks us through Yamaha's new WakeBooster technology and Surf Package for 2019.  

[Excerpted from WakeBoarding Mag, August 16, 2018]

"Who says a jet boat can't create a solid wakesurf wave?"

Yamaha's new WakeBooster instantly creates a sizable wakesurf wave. For 2019, Yamaha has upped the wake and wave performance of their boats in a big way, thanks to the creation of the WakeBooster. The WakeBooster is a plate of sorts that has been designed to easily attach to the tie-down hook under the stern of the boat (and it can be attached to either side depending on riders' preferences). The WakeBooster "scoops" water toward the center, helping create much larger and cleaner wave. And as we all know, bigger waves are better. 

The WakeBooster will be part of Yamaha's 2019 Surf Package, which includes a custom, co-branded 5’3” Slingshotwakesurf board and wakesurf rope. What's really cool is that the WakeBooster can attach to some older model Yamaha boats, as well - it will fit on all 2017 and newer 21-foot boats and 2015 and newer 24-foot Yamaha boats. That includes "non-wake" boats like the center-console FSH. Look for the WakeBooster to be available early spring 2019.